A downloadable Roses for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

A tyrant' campaign has torn the kingdoms within Shanur apart. Firalda, a blacksmith's apprentice seeks revenge for her father's death with the help a plague doctor, a saint princess and a witch, raising hell within the castle they are imprisoned in. What evil had torn their lands apart, had made them unite under one as sisters in arms.

Roses Will Rise is a strategy RPG with visual novel elements that is slowly being built bit by bit. While the game has a path to follow with different endings, the player can do side quests to understand more about the Roses, the world they are in,and unlock items that can aid them in battle.

Please check the game's community page at the bottom of the page for the changelog.

Current build (version 0.019):

  • Intro + Chapter 1 text
  • Graphics (WIP)
  • Interactive points with trust system among playable characters

What to expect in future updates (Short Term):
  • Battle system
  • Animated sprites
  • Sound effects
  • Original Soundtrack
  • Full demo (version 0.1.0)
  • Android release fixed

What to expect in future updates (Long term):

  • The remaining 4 chapters
  • Sidequests
  • iOS release
  • Voice talent?
  • Arabic translation (with posibility of other languages)
  • More TBA

The game is planned to be and stay free even after the game exits development. I will have an option for people to name their price if they would like to support the project once game reaches the demo phase (entire first chapter complete with battle system and graphical assets).

I might include some extras for paying players (PDF of the GDD with script is one of the few things planned).

(Note: the android version is an older version because I'm facing problems with the Android SDK. Updates to Android will return once I figure out the problem)

Rating of the game is disabled until the final build is ready.


Roses Will Rise Ver. 0.0.19 (146 MB)
Roses Will Rise Ver. 0.0.14 - Android Version (50 MB)
Battle system test 0.1 (41 MB)
Obsolete RPG Maker VX build (191 MB)