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playing on linux, every time i click new game it crashes.


I Will look into it, unfortunately I don't have a machine that runs Linux so this may take a while


hey, so I installed ubuntu on a virtual machine and I'm trying to figure out how to run the game on there. Just to check, do you by any chance have NW.js installed on your machine?


sorry just got back to this, thanks for going through all this trouble, I do indeed have NW.js installed. Also I went ahead and installed the windows version on my machine through the itch app and it was able to actually run.

Thank you for getting back to me, I still didn't figure out how to get it to run on linux. I will try to figure it out within a few weeks once I get something out of the way. Thank you for your patience

Using the itch lancher I clicked launch> linux version> nw. That launched it for me.

sorry I just saw this, I'm using the itch launcher and that's what I did too. It was launching for me and it would run up until I clicked new game and then it would crash. It could very well just be a problem for me though and either way installing the windows version solved the issue.

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Well I might have sorted out the problem, I booted up to Linux and exported the prototype from there. I hope you enjoy it!